The dissemination of the anti-discrimination campaign involves Italy, Romania, Spain and Bulgaria and it is structured in two phases.

The first one

aims to add value to national “awareness raising workshops” participants’ efforts.
To overcome language differences and to foster a better comprehension of campaign messages, a particular attention to visual communication is paid.

The second phase

concerns the effective dissemination of the campaign, which will take place from January to December 2019. To reach this goal at least ten places for each country will be chosen to implement the campaign.
The identification of the places follows a “local approach”. Schools, public places, libraries, cinemas, theatres and cultural centres will be identified because of their popularity or because of place in which one or more participants at national “awareness raising workshops” live and/or spend a lot of time.

2nd International Meeting in Sofia: working all together

We’re in Sofia for the 2nd International Meeting and the 2nd Project Coordination Meeting. There’s a lot to do, but we are very glad to meet all the Partners again, spending…

We believe

working on a local and contextual level

can be the strategy to promote a deeper involvement of population and young people, in order to foster socio-cultural changes and the construction of a new bottom-up awareness about discriminative dynamics.