Based on participatory methodologies, the Awareness raising workshops aim to foster a greater awareness about discrimination and to co-design an anti-discrimination campaign.

The workshops take place in every partner country and involve 24 young Roma and non-Roma who are beneficiaries of mentoring activities and their peers.

During a three-days workshop (November 2018-January 2019) the participants can spend time together, share spaces, ideas and values and they can work together on the development of the campaign. Using an active and participatory approach Roma and non-Roma participants can build new positive relationships, or strengthen those already existing among them.

Thus, by sharing common experiences and goals, participants can deconstruct their own stereotypes through a process of insight aimed at reflecting on the common roots of discriminations based on ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Moreover, meetings with volunteers and professionals from organisations fighting discriminations and activities based on theatre or art aimed at learning effective communication strategies are the methodological tools by which the participants will co-design the anti-discrimination campaign, which will spread out in their local contexts.

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