Using participatory methodologies and the “photovoice” technique, the national training of mentors aims to develop an in depth understanding of the project and its goals and to foster an increase in self-consciousness in future mentors.
The training takes place, in every Country partner of the project, in the months of April and May 2018.

During a three days long training course, boys and girls are asked to reflect on their own education path, to identify the most positive and the most problematic aspects of it and to acquire knowledge, skills and competences in order to initiate and manage peer-to-peer tutoring relationships.

By the use of the “photovoice” methodology youth produce images that raise awareness on the turning points in their personal stories.

The global aim of the National training courses is to directly involve mentors in the co-construction of mentorship activities so to foster a sense of self-commitment, active engagement and responsibility for mentees and their personal, educational and professional development.
We believe mentors can be and act as agent of change, supporting participatory processes of increasing awareness about the socio-cultural dynamics which are the basis of discriminations in order to expand possibilities of deconstruct them.


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