Mentoring Exercises, second part

Here you can find four sheets if exercises we have carried out with our mentors and mentees during the mentoring process.

These exercises are divided in four categories: matching activities, group activities, group mentoring and individual mentoring activities.
heir general aims of the exercises are:
- matching mentor and mentees;
- fostering group cohesion and mentor-mentees r
- giving a concrete help to mentees, taking into account their situation and needs.

This is just a little preview of what you can find in the "Handbook about peer to peer mentoring" we will upload on our website at the end of STORY_S project.

Attached Files

STORY_S Individual Mentoring Activities.pdfDownload 
STORY_S Group Activities.pdfDownload 
STORY_S Group Mentoring.pdfDownload 
STORY_S Matching Activities.pdfDownload 

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